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HP ENVY Photo 7820 All-in-One Printer Scan with HP Easy Scan (recommended)

Scan with HP Easy Scan (recommended)

Scan with HP Easy Scan (recommended)
HP ENVY Photo 7820 All-in-One Printer

Step One | Install the HP Easy Scan app

Make sure HP Easy Scan is installed on the Mac, & then set up the printer connection.
1. Make sure your printer is on & connected to your Mac with a USB cable or local wireless network.
2. Open Finder , select Applications, & then look for HP Easy Scan.
  • If HP Easy Scan displays in the list, open it. On the upper bar, click HP Easy Scan, & then click Check for Updates. Download any available updates, & then reopen the app.
  • If HP Easy Scan does not display, download & install the HP Easy Scan app from the App Store, & then open the app.
3.In HP Easy Scan, click the Scanner drop-down menu, & then select your printer.
If your printer does not display, click Browse Scanners, & then select your printer from the list. If your printer still does not display, skip to What if HP Easy Scan cannot find my printer in Frequently asked questions (FAQs).
Scanners to find  a printer

Step Two | Set scan preferences

Before you scan a document or photo, set preferences such as resolution, color mode, orientation, or page size.
1. Open HP Easy Scan, & then make sure your printer is selected from the Scanner drop-down menu.
2. Open the Presets drop-down menu, & then select a scan job.
  • If you are scanning a simple item, such as a single, one-sided, letter-size document, select one of the suggested shortcuts, & then skip to the next step. You can crop, rotate, or change the brightness of your scan later.
  • If you are completing a more complex scan job, such as a multi-page, legal-size, or detailed document or photo, click Edit Settings, & then continue with these steps.
3. Change scan settings, such as orientation, color mode, resolution, & page size.
4. If you are scanning two-sided documents (duplex), select the Scan both sides of page check box.
Scan with HP Easy Scan (recommended)
5. Click Done to save the presets for this scan job.

Step Three| Scan & edit

Scan documents & photos from the scanner glass or document feeder, edit the scan, & then save it.

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